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[CMZZ-007] [DJ C007] Gynecology Examination Room

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He is a perverted doctor who secretly films internal medicine examinations. She is a shy girl who exposes her breasts in front of the doctor. She also gets feverish when palpated. At her breast cancer screening she obsessively fondles her breasts and plays with her nipples. She doesn’t feel like she should and the way she holds back ignites a fire in her heart. The echo room is a completely private room, so she can touch it as much as she wants. When she examined the area around her uterus with a probe, a stain dripped onto her panties. She casually inserts her finger into the lewd cleavage and enjoys the reaction. When I rolled her clit with my fingers, it made her legs squirm and she came to an end over and over again.

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